Monday, January 31, 2011

Photo a Day - Day Seven

This is really a strawberry post but I thought I would add it to the photo a day.
Husband and I got produce from the bountiful baskets this weekend and some strawberries came with it. I swear these were the smallest strawberries I have ever seen!  I really wanted to take a picture before Husband devoured them all.

I went to get a dime to show you how mall it was and I came back to this:  Bug had taken the tiniest bite out of it. I'm sure she thought I wouldn't notice. 

She was happy when I let her eat it. can't say you get Strawberries in winter to often without having to spend 5 bucks for one little container =)


Amy said...

Awesome job with the pics!! Did you get new equipment? Bug is so cute!! Plus now that she's in dance, her and O can bust out and shake it together.

The Studes said...

hey thanks! I currently don't have new equipment just a new way of using it =)