Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wings, Spells and a Vampire Review

3 books - Jan 27 - Jan 30 

I am a big fan of book that I can just zip right through. One thing that I I try to avoid is start a collection of books without the entire collection being out. I made the mistake with these to Wings and also Spells   the third book wont be out until May UGH. I really enjoyed these two book s while it lasted though they only took me about a day to read and it was a cute story about a girl who doesn't know that she is a faerie and ends up falling in love, saving people, and figuring out what to do with the new knowledge that she has come across. or something like that. it is basically your same story line just different author. Now don't get me wrong I enjoyed reading it I liked the idea of a faeries living in the human world. I just wish I would have started them AFTER the third one came out so I'm not left waiting.   

Not much to say, if you have read this along with the other twilight books you might have the same questions.. such as Why did Bree think Edwards hair was red and why did Stephenie Meyer write it that way. I also want to know what happen to Freaky Fred. just sayin'


Teril said...

haha too true it is hard waiting for books to be release eh? Glad to hear you are reading. You should check out that book club online from Smart Bitches Trashy Books webiste and read the book and join the chat later this month. They are a highlight in the month for the crazy stuff we talk about ;)
check out the Beautiful Darkness series

Laurie said...

At least it comes out in May. When I was in 6th grade, I read "the Golden Compass" then the 2nd one right after. Left me waiting for the 3rd one but that didn't come out until about a year after I graduated so I waited 7 years! By then it wasn't as intriguing as when I had read the other 2 lol.