Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Something funny...

Have you ever played Just Dance its for the Wii?  If not you really should it is freaking hilarious.  I told My brother that I was going to post this on facebook and he told me that he would hunt me down and smack me. so instead I have decided to post it on my blog because goodness knows he never checks it.
Check out my dads sweet moves.

they were dacing to step by step.. 5 points to anyone who can name that band.. and if you can't then you shoulr be smacked =)


Jodie said...

Are they doing the same dance? Hard to tell :)

The Studes said...

my dad was trying to do the foot work and gower wasn't having it.. and Did you notice that my dad said. I got these moves from Wade.. lol

Rileigh said...

THat would be New Kids on the block.
A gold sticker who can name what the five steps are.