Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Photo a Day - Day One

So I got this cute email from my SIL codename FUR.. haha fur get it. (of course you don't unless you know he name.)  Anyway she gave me a link to an extremely cute borderline adorable photography blog where the photographer specializes in newborn. If I weren't so lazy slash busy right now I would actually get the link for you. I'm getting sidetracked way to easily so this photographer was doing a photo a day for the next 30 days. this is perfect for her because she has a wee one. I"m going to guess around 6 or 7 months old and those early days go by way fast. As for me Bug is almost three and as much as I would like to get at least one picture of her looking at the camera and smiling it's pretty much impossible. I had to bribe her with chocolate and even with that I wasn't getting any good ones until the very last frame and then... WHALA:

She was excited at first to go outside and smoosh what left over snow there was from last nights storm (if you can call it that) She even said she needed lips. which meant i had to go find her lip gloss and let her put it on herself I am impressed with her and how she is able to " take care of herself" I was also glad to see that her eyes were bluer today. they change from this color blue to gray depending on how she feels and what she is wearing. Husbands eyes do that too they go from brown to a hazel green I love it! Mine aren't as cool but they do change from little green to dark.
Thanks FUR for the blog I loved it! 

*side note* I edited this photo in CS3 using Curves, Contrast, Sharpening and also using Selective Color.*
and I am jealous that Bug skin looks this way considering I didn't use Skin Soft on the photo either.. She is one heck of a beautiful girl. but then again I am WAY beyond biased


Logan, Haylie, and Larkyn said...

Cute pic! I have actually been thinking about doing the photo a day challenge as well. I had a lot of friends do it last year and they loved it! Have fun! {hopefully that's what you are doing anyway haha}

J Z AKA Fur said...

Your Welcome! Love your face!

Jamie Pearson said...

Love it! Can you share that blog please...thanks