Saturday, March 5, 2011


Bug turned 3 today, she is a princess through and through. We threw her a super fabulous princess party today.

Things about AviJae

Choice phrases:

"oh, Come on"
"I can doit myself"
"Lemme help you"
"How do I look?"

She loves:
books, dressing up, lip gloss, bubbles, painting her nails, taking bathes, Chocolate, Mix (the cat), Baking or mixing things in the kitchen, coloring, painting, singing, dancing

My favorite things about her:
Her smart mouth, that she wants to help in the kitchen ALL the time, when she says thanks she always puts her chin to her shoulder, she thinks ever dress or long coat is a "princess". she calls anything flowing "Ariel" (most the time is just toilet paper) That devious little smile she gets when she knows she is testing me. oooh its evil.

Little Crazies:
Unfolding folded laundry and throwing it across the room, Running away in stores and laughing, saying NO to everything and then at the last minute say yes.. (huh I wonder who she gets that from... oh yea me) not keeping pajamas on because they aren't princessy enough.


One Fish said...

I demand pics of the party.

Farley said...

I concur with Onefish