Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I've been thinkin'

It's my belief we developed language because of our deep inner need to complain. - Lily Tomlin

and on that note:
I miss my long hair.

What is it about this time around that it feels like an eternity for my hair to grow out. I mean come on! Granted I usually don't cut it as short as I have in the past. I'm secretly hoping to find one of those traveling salesmen, (you know the types like in Pete's Dragon that sells the cure-all) that would help me with growing out my hair, and then I think of Anne of Green Gables and when she purchased that hair dye from the traveling salesmen and he promised it would turn her hair a beautiful raven black and it turned green.. I don't think I could rock the green hair look.

Occasionally I will have the hair dream.. OK that sounds a bit weird but I will dream that my hair was back tot he length that I had it at maybe 5 years ago or so and I would have all these cute little hair dos like ponytails and twists and when I wake up .. I'm HUGELY disappointed.

So I guess all I really can do it wait and wait and wait and wait, I'm guessing its gunna take about 4 years to get it back to were I want it. and after that I'm not going to cut it for a while.

I have had a lot of different hair styles through out the years, I have posted a few just to back up what I'm saying, granted I have a TON more then whats here but these were alread on my computer and I"m not going to sit here and scan pictures of myself in.. that would just be a bit weird.

so to start us off:

High School Grad Night: My mother wanted me to graduate with somewhat of my "natural hair color" so 3hrs later I went from Cherry Cola to a mishmosh of what my natural color looked liked. Can't really tell in this photo but oh well 

Engagement Photo: I originally met lance with waist length blonde hair with two very large black strips in the front. new boyfriend new hair.. hey don't judge!

 was this the first time we lived with lances parents of the second.. i dunno
 wow I have a freaky neck vain..
 I"m pretty sure I have posted this before but check out our sweet dresses.. That's my friend Fish by the way.. Fish as in one fish two fish not as in she drinks alot, now that would be awkward.
 I'm sure you can guess.. I was two weeks away from having Bug, that's when it all started going down hill with chopping my hair.

I didn't post a now picture cuz if you really wanted to see it you would just scroll down the blog a bit at mine and bugs fish face.. that's what my hair looks like now. I love that I have my natural color back I'm just getting impatient. =) 

yeah so I went through this a spell checked a few words but I didn't reread it, so if I sound whiny I'm sure  you will get over it.  

* and ya know whats kinds weird is the fact that I had a catagory for hair.. I wonder how much I talk about it.. weird

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Erin and Paul Anderson said...

I like the fact that your hair is always evolving. I think it's boring to always have the same hair-do and your lucky because you have the face to do pretty much whatever you want and still look good. Plus you are brave enough to change it and that's more than I can say for most people.
But... if you really want to grow it out again, I've found that prenatal vitamins help A LOT! Just a suggestion :)