Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pink + Pink = Too Cute

Bug went to a Princess Tea Birthday Party today and this is what she took as her gift to the birthday girl. I really think I was more excited then she was well that is until I broke out the gumballs and all she said was "oh for me?" um.. yea, nice try kiddo.

I've been visiting crafty places lately and saw this unfinished wood box and thought, that would be a really cute jewelry box, So I modge podge a bit of princess paper all around and voila! And whats a jewelery box without a little jewelry? then I thought, Why put just everyday dress up jewelry when I can make a bubblegum necklace. It's pretty and delicious at the same time!

Gum + Ribbon + a bit of time = Necklace
Empty box + Scrapbook paper + Modge Podge = Little jewelry box.

And I've gotta say typing Jewelry has got to be one of the hardest words for me to type. and this post had like a billion jewelry words in it. Maybe if I were to get more jewelry from time to time then I would have an easier time typing it since I would blog about it.. huh? husband huh?


Cory&SadieK said...

I agree that it's super cute! I love it. I love even more that it's a pink bubblegum necklace!

Erin and Paul Anderson said...

What a cute idea. I couldn't even tell that it's bubblegum... so it's pretty and delicious! What a lucky little girl.

melissa said...

You are so crafty! I won't lose track of you, even if there ARE 800 miles between us now! And maybe when I come out in August, I'll have you snap a few pics of my baby girl. I know 2-month-olds are less cooperative than brand newborns, but I don't have any photography connections out here so I'll be happy to wait until I can see you!