Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Puffed Sleeves

I had a shirt in mind to make myself and when I realized I didn't have enough material so I opted for a smaller version for Avi (man she gets all the cute things!)

The PUFF SLEEVE! Surprisingly easy to make, Just think really long cuff... I really wanted to keep everything extremely simple that's why their aren't any ruffles, flowers, bows etc,  however I really think I should have made the puff a tad bit puffier   (spell check said that puffier wasn't a word but I could get by with puffy-er... odd) 
 We had to go to the library the last few days but Bug hasn't really been feeling that well and I needed to drop books off so we went and saw Auntie Fur and then to the library. At first she wasn't really into getting her picture taken, there was a little boy scream to high heaven and she kept wanting to go over there and ask if he was ok.

 I think this one if my favorite out of them all, she was showin' off her sweet dance moves.
 By the end she was having, even named a few of her poses.  I love how it looks like she is rocking the 80's one shoulder look! 

This was her "Casual" pose

Since I live in the "lovely" state of Utah our spring has been.. well lets just say a bit off. normally I wouldn't make a long sleeved shirt unless if was fall or getting close to winter but I just couldn't pass this one up. I have a pattern for a 2T/3T shirt for anyone who wants it. I just can't figure out how to upload it onto my blog..  that might have to be this weeks. "how to" project

good grief could I have used any more Quotations in my post.


vivatveritas said...

Adorable! She looks so cute in that puff sleeve top:)

Declan & Jen said...

I love the pictures! Her shoes are awesome too!

The Coopers said...

I love the puff sleeves, I hope you can figure out how to post it cause-dang! Adorable (good job by the way)