Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Culinary Mysteries - Josi Kilpack

One thing I should say about these books is pace yourself. Although they are a good read after the 5th one in a month I was a little tired of the character. Now don't get me wrong Sadie Hoffmiller is a good women. she got that nosy personality that almost makes you want to smack her. but she is fun and has some really great and not so random recipes while solving her murders that no one asked her to solve.  (see nosey)

I have tried a few of the recipes in these books and I am actually excited ti try a few of the desserts later on, (that is when it starts getting a bit warmer and such occasion calls for a good dessert that I don't have to eat by myself. Ok so back on track with the books. I'm eager to see what she has for the next  and final 3 books she has for this series.

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