Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New things.

Soooo, We got a new disposal. not to exciting. so let me tell you a little story that will most likely be on the boring side an I am sorry if you start drooling on your keyboards. 
here we go, a few months back and when I say few I"m guessing its somewhere back in Sept of October or something like that and our sink backed up, all sinks do that right? didn't think anything of it. then all nastiness started leaking on the EVERYTHING under the sink, it was EXTREMLY GROSS, I for one don't do well with nasty, molding, old food, sitting water type of smells. I usually go into hyper throw up gaging convulsions.  Although very good workout for the abs not so much fun for me. Luckily Husband is good at that and cleans out under it  blah blah blah bucket.. we are good. 

Now we come to a couple months ago, my parents are in town and my mom, being the lovely women who can't sit down is cleaning my kitchen yet again. (yes mother I took notes but I must have lost them)  the sink starts to flood again, Husband takes it apart this time and notices a butter knife! YES a butter knife had got itself wedged in the pipe on the right hand of the sink.. how I have no clue.

lost my train of thought, wonderful parents helped us get a new one, husband was happy that it was half a horse.. yeah didn't really care and then I went into some speech about how it was so amazing when the first cars came out with 1 horsepower..  I' pretty sure husband felt the same way about that story as i did about his half a horse excitement =)  gotta love them though.

that's it story over, no more floods or smelliness from the sink anymore.

This thing is cracked.. bad disposal bad!

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Cory&SadieK said...

Congratulations on your new disposal!! that stinkiness makes me sick too and super grateful for a useful Husband!