Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sneaky Bug

The other day Husband was going through letter cards with Bug, These cards have a word and picture on one side and just the word describing the picture on the other side. So if it's a photo of a car it will say car underneath.. and Car on the other side without a photo... etc.
Husband started off showing her the cards and spelling the words and going through each one. then he started flipping the cards over and just showing her the worded side. He held each card up and she would say the word with out even hesitation. He was so impressed he had me come over to watch. As I sat there watching Bug read words I realized that she could see the picture from behind the card because of the light shining from behind. So the little stinker was actually just looking at the picture and saying the words. She really makes me laugh as to how smart she is. silly girl

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Declan & Jen said...

Ha ha, what a little cheater!!