Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm Grateful...

August has been to say the least an interesting month. However, before I give a run down of this oh so lovely month the beginning of this little adventure actually started in June.

June (now do those weird flashes back squiggles with you hands)

Ah yes, Husband and I are fairly healthy people. with the exception of my hip replacement 4 years ago along with having a child we don't normally get sick enough to go to the doctor. And in Husbands cause hurt badly enough to go. I swear that man drink immunity with breakfast cuz he hardly EVER gets sick. But when he does. watch out! WHINE CENTER  (Husband just don't read that last line)

Now I'm sure you want to hear the list of my illnesses, well sorry to disappoint I only had one and it was of the cursed name called Streptococcus, yea my thoughts exactly Eww!  Like the stubborn person I am I didn't go to the doctor until 2 weeks after I first noticed it. And no I didn't pass it on to anyone (remember Husband has immunity like a freakin Greek god.)  So like a good little patient I took all of my wonderful medicine and was cured, that is until it reared it ugly freaking head again and decided to come back the day BEFORE I left to go to California, ... true story I wouldn't lie.  Silly me didn't think to throw that stupid germ infested toothbrush away... and I'm sorry for that thought once again I will say Eww for us all. Now I'm all better!! yeah, I very well should be considering it is August.

Now we come to Mister high and mighty, Mister hey you get off of my cloud (and if you know what that's from I will hug you, not really) He jams his middle finger on his right hand while playing softball and doesn't get it looked at UNTIL AFTER I get back from California. This is where the August Awesomeness starts. Well sorta I'm just gunna make it start here that way I can say "see it's your fault." One doctors visit and an MRI later we come to find out he has a class 3 sprain or something like that with means he torn a ligament in half 'DOH' way to go Homer (which is funny in two ways, Doh as in the Simpsons and also the poet Homer wrote about greek gods.. it's either way to late for me to write this or I think I'm hilarious, which is most likely the later of the two.)

We are hoping he is healing properly and he is extremely lucky that he didn't need surgery. The smart guy that he is after dislocating it he popped it back in and the Doc said that that was one of the smartest things he could have done. the other one would have been to go and see a doctor after a week of pain. ;)

As for all of my loveliness, I get chronic headaches, I'm pretty sure I have had them since maybe 14 or even younger, you don't really notice after a while they all kinda blur together. My turn for the doctor, yea I told him everything I knew about how I get headaches and when they come on an he literally just stared a me and said " well thanks for your 25 dollars but there is nothing I can do for you, you need to go see a Neurologist."  Um.. awesome.  In the mean time, I'm pretty sure I did something to my ankles, and I mean ankles.. both, I'm that talented. I've been training in my lovely new shoes and then did one lame p90x video and separated my ankles, I'll know more about that on Thursday   So this is how my week went, Today which is Tuesday Neurologist, I swear he is the most soft spoken Doctor EVER, I think that has something to do with working with migraine sufferers and doesn't want to add to there pain. Turns out I get both migraines AND tension headaches, And people thought I was a slacker HA! When I go out for something I go ALL out.  Blah blah blah... Ankles on Thursday and then a super fun brain scan/MRI on Friday!

Now I'm sure if you have stomached enough of this to wonder to yourself, wow she's whiny. my answer is yes, yes I am. the other thing is this is why I'm grateful. Approx 3 weeks ago I was driving on the interstate and was also talking to Husband "babe, I need a job, huh I wonder if that place is hiring." I don't speak in complete sentences it more or less random thoughts followed by run on sentences. Anyway , I Look the number up call and they said yes but it's only for this _________ position. Perfect! I"ll take it. I go in fill out an app get and interview and with in one day I am hired. Pretty awesome if you ask me. why pretty awesome? well because I know that there are medical bills coming (I knew about my neurologist apt before I got the job and also Husbands finger) and even though Husband got a super fantastic promotion I wanted to not feel bad about the extra expense even though he started it.   Now to be grateful Go:

 I'm grateful I followed a prompting to get this job, I'm grateful for insurance because with out it I would have just told husband to deal with it along with me still dealing with my migraines and now newly craptastic ankles. I'm grateful for a husband that will actually support me even though he'll whine about it. :) I'm grateful for modern medicines and also technology that can see right through me and detect a problem... And the most important thing I am grateful for is that it's Me and Husband that this is happening to and not Bug.


Erin and Paul Anderson said...

Wow, definitely NOT a coincidence. I'm glad that you can see the positive side of all of this because I think that's difficult to do sometimes. So nice that you guys have health insurance!
P.S. The Rolling Stones, tehehe

The Coopers said...

I'm a bit like your hubby - big whiner when I'm sick but also I'm USELESS- eight now I have a cold & I was whining about it while laying on the couch yesterday & my hubby said- wait background- last week my dad broke his leg & tore his mcl & chase tore a ligament in his foot & has to have surgery tomorrow & won't be able to walk for 3 MONTHS- sO Kyle said, "your pretty lucky brit you just have a cold while your brother & dad can't walk" reason! Drives me crazy!!! But anyhow, awesomeness on the new job!!!!! AND I'm so so sorry about your families owies :( medical bills are the worst- lots of money & you feel crappy!! What's up with that?!?!