Friday, August 26, 2011

Something for me!

Do you remember this little number I made for Bug? 
She loves it I haven't seen her get more excited about an everyday dress before.
 I had scraps from this little project along with some really great ribbed knit purple loveliness that I decided to break in gertie with a ME Original. Ok it's really just a fancy T-shirt but who cares I freaking love it! I had to crop my eye balls out of this picture because if I didn't I would have needed to put a large warning label telling people with children and small animals to please shield them from the crazy lady.  Although the shirt actually lays a bit nicer then photographed there's only so much you can pose when you are worried your 3 year old may drop your expensive camera... Oh and did I mention that Bug took these for me. she is super talented.

She's super talented and also super artsy, close up detail up top and rule of thirds below.. =)

and of course she wanted her photo taken. instead of her dressing comfy after dinner she likes to put on her sunday best. fine with me atleast it's getting more then a handful of wears out of it.

That's if from me tonight.


Nikki said...

Oh my gosh it's adorable!!!!! Can I borrow your skills for just 24 hours!???

Cory&SadieK said...

Cute shirt! Nice job nemiha! and Avi did do awesome with the pictures.