Friday, August 12, 2011

Vibram Five Finger Shoes

Yep those are MY feet! got them  in the mail today and the mailman was nice enough to even bring them to my front door. I would have totally given him a HUGE hug because I was so excited but he's around my age and kinda cute so that would have been a tad bit awkward =) can't wait to break them in tomorrow. I was going to break them in tonight but that run I did this morning with the hill of death almost done me in.

UPDATE: The first day I just walked around in these for a few hours and to be honest I pulled the strap a bit tight and it bruised the top of my foot. The next day I went on a run and I felt as if I wasn't running on anything my feet were so light I was a few minutes faster on my run then the day before and I was also running hills. After the run I noticed that my calves were on FIRE! I mean they were so freaking tight it took soaking in the tub and also a ton of Advil to get those suckers back to walking quality.

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