Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bug's Bestie

Meet Bug's best friend. We call her Loo Bug loves this little girl so much that when she can't see her that day she pretends to be her. They are exactly 4 months apart and have gotten along since the day they met. It's so nice that Bug has such a good friend just doors down from our house. I hope they  live close for a while so they can always be best friends. 

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melissa said...

These little girls are both so beautiful! I'm so sorry I never got an invitation list together for you... It's been a crazy week with crazy in-laws. If I survive the rest of the week, I can do anything!!! :) I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow by Stacey Porter around 1:30 - will you be around before or after that so I could stop by and say hi? Text me if that works out.