Friday, September 23, 2011

crazy crazy.. and some yumminess

You woildn't think sleeping during the day would cause I problem with my everyday schedule...  HA! yea right. I have been trying a few differnet sleep methods all of which let me sleep during the day and some let me get housework in. My neighbors are Saints one nieghbor specifically would be Loo's mom she has been super wonderful this last week and Came and got Bug for a few hours each day so I could sleep, I don't know what I would do without her!.

On to a different subject (sorta) When I get home from work I am usually in the best mood I try and get at least a little something done around the house before both Husband and Bug wake up for the morning. Some Mornings I just force myself to sleep so I'm not too tired during the day. This particular morning was really fun. Bug can down just after Husband had gone to work and I asked her if we should make pancakes. Really I don't even have to wait for the answer because I know it's going to be yes. We did ours a bit differently today instead of making just regular pancakes we made Oatmeal chocolate chip. I thought that if I was letting her eat chocolate in the morning it might as well have something healthy in there as well. I also substituted the oil for Applesauce. and can I just tell ya. Those suckers tasted like oatmeal chocolate chips cookies! they were so yummy. I think I just might keep the recipe. well if I remember it.

I'm kinda excited for a few changes coming October 1st. For Once in my life I have actually followed through with a plan and haven't changed my mind about it, yet. Husband is On board kinda with the kitchen redo. I'm still trying to find a perfect shade of gray to redo my kitchen cabinets with. Or I just might get everything in there and decide not to do the cabinets. I have planned Art projects and Preschool projects for Bug to do everyday and we have a calendar to follow so we get everything completed.  and On top of those things I've had a great opportunity to be apart of a choir with other ladies in the ward and it has not only brought me new friends it has given me a chance to be apart of something other then just being.  Sadly I am unable to compete tomorrow in the dirty dash even though I was super excited I guess there were just other plans for me which I'm ok with.

and that about sums it up.

Sing, Dance, Laugh, Paint, Sand, Run, Play, Work and Sleep.. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. 

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