Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This is what I should be doing...

That my friends is only about half of what I actaully need to wash. I think it's about time I start going through and either put the things Bug doesn't fit into in boxes. she can go about 3 weeks with out me havingg to wash anything she has that many clothes. (thank heavens for hand me downs!) can I tell you how much a actually loathe doing laundry. I'ts not even the washing part or the folding that drives me nuts its the putting back where it belongs that tends to get out of hand, or kicked off the bed or even slept on. or all of the above. Just not a fan

Now for the INSTEAD part.
So instead of starting the laundry like I should have Bug and I were playing abround with the camera and I thought we would try out the timing setting and get some pictures of ourselves together. Why not right?. So here is what we got:

pretty sure I love it! my favorite part (other then it being a photo of me and bug) is that it's taken in front of that pile of laundry.. take that laundry!

well I guess I'm off to do laundry.... *sigh*