Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tin Can Co-worker Gifts

Every year around Christmas I make hard tack candy. I'm sure I've said it once or twice before. Am I going to find those previous blog and refer back to them... um no. I'm just too lazy this morning. (Although I'm quite chatty considering this is the 3rd blog I have or will be publishing in less then 8 hours.)

Now that I'm looking at this I really should have taken more then just a few photos... eh oh well.

Last week sometime I was looking for an alternative box so to speak for Husband to take holiday treats to his co-workers. I found some plain white small Chinese food boxes from etsy and was so excited I bought them figuring they would be here WAY before I needed to fill them... As you can see from the photo above, that is NOT a Chinese food box. It is a can. A peach can to be specific. I followed this tutorial (click that -----> source) little more time consuming then other said boxes but sooooo worth it. The one thing I did differently from the tutorial was I used left over scrapbook paper and made a circle wording label to glue on the front. They have a print out that you can use.

I am hoping that today will be a productive one and I will try and get one final batch of HardTack candy done so I can have photos to post. (the other batches I made at night.)

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Becca said...

Adorable gift idea! Thanks for sharing.