Wednesday, December 21, 2011

book slump and other things

well not really I just have this thing about reading books in the order that i pick them up from the library and right now the one that is at the top of my list to read isn't all that appealing to me at this very moment... WELL the last 2 weeks. WELL I don't know really.

and if you are curious about the wells I have been watching a bit to much Doctor Who Lately and David Tennant who plays the 10th doctor says it a lot. I just finished watching Season 4 episode 0 which really means it was a Christmas special and he finally met someone named Alonzo... Allons-y Alzono if you don't get it I'm not gunna explain it.

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Teril said...

NOOO!! not the dreaded book slump. May the good reads come into your hands. I know that as we are frozen outside a good book and a coffee keep me going.