Tuesday, December 20, 2011

family picture story

In most families this wouldn't be a story. In mine however it's a full on WAR! Husband reeeeealllly doesn't like having his photos taken, well not so much taken but doing the whole get ready spend money, smile, act happy.. (Wait WHAT!!  Act?...) anyway. This year I was going in commando... no no no that's not the correct word. :)  More like Stealth mode and I was determined to get at least one photo were we all looked at least halfway decent and that I didn't have to beg.

Here's the story.:
I had a Dr appt. to get my foot checked out, I hadn't had an x- ray on it since I broke it last year (oops) So I used that as an excuse for him to come home early to pick me up and take me. the wheels started turning in my head. I saw that Amy Twitty Photography (<;-----pssst I know her!) was having a mini shoot deal so I figured why not!? And besides Husband couldn't get to bent out of shape for a 30minute photo sesh.
what to do about clothes.... hmmmmmm hmmmmm FANCY DATE? I told him we were going on a fancy family date and that I needed to be presentable. Which I was all for jeans and a nice shirt she was the one who left his slacks on. no complaining here.  CLOTHES-check
Day of he gets home and I informed him that I was driving so we started driving down Main street and he looks at me and says "we aren't going to the dr are we" 
me: "nope" 
him: "well that kinda dissapoints me. I was going to ask him a question"
me: *laughs*

next stop freakishly large balloon and when I say large I really mean if they would have filled it up to where it was suppose to be then it would have never been able to fit in the back of my car.

I get back in the car and he says "we are doing pictures aren't we" and keep in mind its a grumpy child tone.

hahahahaha! Gotcha Sucker. I'm driving, photo destination is just down the road and you get to eat Tucanos and hang out with me and Bug all night.

It ended up being such a great evening. After dinner Husband and I were headed over to this fantastic vintage-esc candy/toy store called Blinkenstaffs and on the way we saw Santa! (to bad I didn't bring my dang blasted camera, figured one set of photos from that day was going to be enough) 

Bug was soooo excited, and I was pretty proud that she wasn't afraid of him at all. She sat on his lap and when he asked what she would like for Christmas she simply said "Lots of Ariels" he was a sweet Santa very soft spoken. After that we were off to the candy shop.!

All in all it turned out it be one of my most favorite days of the this year.


Lisa Marie said...

Sneaky, sneaky! The picture turned out super cute. Way to go!

Becca said...

Um. So it cracks me up that you didn't tell him what you were doing. The result was definitely worth it though! Cute picture!!

Laurie said...

That is so awesome! LOL!...Nemiha, really I think you are my hero! You can do EVERYTHING! You are so so so talented in everything I see! My hubby doesn't like to get pictures taken either, I have 1 family photo, and Gabriel is 2 years old (tomorrow)! and my brother is a photographer so he doesn't charge me for the pics! Seriously! LOL...I think maybe if I bribed him with Tucanos, he might go. That is our Favorite place :). That is a super cute dress you made for her too.