Monday, February 20, 2012

feeling great!

I must have some super powers if I can feel this good only a week after what happened. Don;t get me wrong I still have some pains and I get weak a lot easier then I did but that can all be changed so I'm not worried. Friday was the first day I was able to stand up straight, my lower back muscles are sighing with relief because of it to. Bug has been a wonderful help the last few days when I head upstairs she asks if I need help and holds my hand while repeating, "it's ok, just take it slow." then followed by "I helped you just like Daddy, I'm BIG."

I go back to work Tuesday, I know I will be slower at first but I'm happy to go back being in the house 24/7 7 days a week was driving me bonkers. I convinced MLH on Saturday that we needed an outting. so we went to Walmart.. WOOHOO.. I was so tired by the end of our little trip that I zonked out. It still amazes me how sleep helps so much with the healing process. I am going to be sad when I go back to being sleep deprived. ;)
We that's it for an update.  

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