Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A night to remember- My ER story

I can't sleep, I've been awake for the last 2 hours replaying images from what happen on Sunday. Weird I know. I figured since I was awake I might as well write down what my experience was and what I was thinking through the whole process. So here goes:

This whole thing didn't start out of the blue, It actually started On Jan 10th. I know weird right that I can remember the exact date. That was the day that I ended up in the InstaCare with severe abdominal pain I woke up to use the restroom around 7am and buckled over. Thinking that it was just cramps I ran myself a hot bath hoping that it would relax the muscles enough for me to go to sleep. But when it didn't I got out of the tub and ended up crawling into MLH and my bedroom laying in the fetal position waiting for MLH alarm to go off so I could tell him I wasn't doing so great. he gets me some clothes, wakes up Bug gets her ready and we are in InstaCare waiting our turn. My turn comes they rule out things like Bladder infections, Appendix issues.. blah blah blah. and then they ask for me to run an ultrasound and I call my OB and they want me to have blood drawn. Turns out I'm pregnant,,, YEAH! but something just doesn't seem right, So I try not to get excited. Within a few weeks time I have gone to the AF hospital Lab many many times to have my blood work done. I've become friends with the ladies at the desk along with anyone else who recognizes me. My HCG levels go up then down My nurse informs me that I will have a miscarriage which makes me sad but I kinda felt it was going to happen since this whole thing just didn't seem right. I go through the normal Miscarriage things and after a few weeks I still notice there is a pain on my left side. I inform my nurse and she lets me know it is common to have after pains so I think nothing of it. A week goes by I let her know again but this time it feels like cramping and it pretty even spread through my lower regions. again I get the it's a common issues. they still monitor my blood count which is going down by the hundreds each week now.     
Saturday Feb 11: Day started out normal enough, Bug and I went gift shopping for my nieces birthday party that afternoon. Went to the party was going to come home and nap but decided since the day was so beautiful I would try and get a Run in. MLH teases me about kissing him before I leave and he says you never know what might happen. I run Just over 2 miles because I"m in some pain,thinking that it was one of my ribs out since the pain was so high. Time to go to a birthday Dinner for Both MLH and my brother in law D. On the way to dinner I casually Ask MLH if something were to happen to me what would you do and what hospital would you go to.(random question I know) his reply was to get me into he car ASAP and turn on his hazard light and fly to the R Hospital while calling 911. I replied Oh I would have thought you would go to the AF one instead. and we just left it at that.
Dinner was great we enjoyed visiting Family and eating yummy food, then it is time to leave. We get home Bug wants to watch a movie in my bed and when she asks me to snuggle with her I don't refuse. It had been a long day and before I know it I'm asleep.
1:30am I wake up to use the restroom and I actually don't remember if I did or not because the next thoughts that cross my mind are, wow this pillow is really uncomfortable and as I come to I realize that my head it resting on our bathroom trash can and my body is wedged between the toilet and the wall. Confused I sit up and end up crawling into the closet I noticed my lip was bleeding which didn't surprise me since they were really dry to begin with, no amount of chapstick was able to help that out.  As I'm lying there taking in all the pain one thought crosses my mind, I need MLH. I was going to call out just as the pain lessened and I hear footsteps coming up the stairs. MLH:"Babe, where are you"
ME:"I'm in the closet"
MLH: "What happen?"
ME: "so much pain"
I'm guessing he noticed the trashcan at this moment and then gave me a better look he told me my head was bleeding and then went into EMT mode and started asking questions, the one that keeps sticking in my mind is, stay with me.
I would answer his questions and then tell him I was tired and that it hurt.
he asked if we should go to the ER and I said yes. He proceeded to run around finding clothes for himself, me and also Bug. poor little girl I heard her say " I don't wanna go bye bye I'm so tired" as MLH got her dressed.
Now you have to keep in mind this is MY account of what happened I know MLH with have a different version which I'm hoping he will write down one day.
Dress and ready MLH helps me down the stairs, My arms and legs feel heavy I'm so tired I make it to the bottom of the stairs, MLH props me up on a wall and says can you stand there. I think to myself, psh I can stand here just fine. and then I am looking up at MLH face him asking me questions again and me all of a sudden has a burst of energy and says lets go. hops up (with help) and starts for the garage stairs. (there were so many thoughts running through my head while I was standing there . Like, MLH, Bug has shoes upstairs next to her bedroom I just couldn't get the words out.
In the car, still really tired can't focus on anything MLH asks more questions, gets in calls 911 and starts heading out of our place. Don't really know how the convo went other then pieces that MLH told me. But we ended up in the Smiths parking lot and me thinking, this isn't the hospital. I see a cop car, a yellow fire truck MLH keeps asking questions, like what day it is whats my name, whats my daughters name. then the Ambulance shows up gets me on the gurney plops me in the ambulance where they start another questionnaire. I tell them they are being mean for not letting me sleep. and then I swear really loud when they drive over bumps. I proceed to apologize for my swearing and they laugh saying they wont tell anyone. The EMT on my Right tells the other EMT that I am so cold they can find my veins. They finally do and start an IV with Saline. We arrive at the hospital. I am happy because no one is asking me questions and I can close my eyes. More questions, MLH informed me he called my parents and his parents and that his parents are on the way. ( I think good. that way Bug can get some sleep) Lots more questions, I guess my speech is starting to slur since MLH keeps answering. They do a ton of blood work, I get an Ultrasound done, the ultrasound tech turns out to be someone I know from my home town which makes me feel loads better. During the ultrasound there is light laughing a joking, a lot of clicking. Me telling him that I"m pretty sure the morphine I got was a placebo since it doesn't seem to be working. Then for the second half of the ultrasound they asked if I could possibly get up to empty my bladder I though yea I feel fine, made it maybe 3 steps away from the bed and passed out headbutting the Tech in the process. (sorry)
Then Back in the room, the Dr comes in says I have massive internal bleeding and that they need to do surgery right now along with this being an Ectopic pregnancy and they have never seen one like this before since my levels were going down. it was as if my body didn't process it. on the way to the OR I inform the Nurse that my stomach feels like a balloon about to pop and that's the last thing I remember.
I wake up to MLH face looking over me.
ME: I almost died huh
MLH: Yeah, you lost a lot of blood. they had to give you some. they also had to remove your left tube
Me: OH
MLH: You will still be able to have kids
ME: (laugh) I know, I'm living proof of that.

That's about it I ended up spending that night and all of Monday in the hospital they had to give me a total of 2 units of blood for as much as I lost. I am grateful that MLH had enough of a prompting to come and find me when he did or who knows what may have happen.

*disclaimer, I didn't re-read this. I'm sure some words are used in the wrong order but I'm ok with that. I'll have MLH proof it later so I don't have to start crying again.  


Wonder Woman said...

Oh my gosh. That is crazy and scary. So, SO scary. I'm so glad you're alright. I can't stop breathing in big sighs. Love and prayers will continue from me. xoxo

Teril said...

Whoa Nemiah, so sorry you had that but so glad you are still here today.
Thank you for sharing your harrowing weekend with us.

Erin and Paul Anderson said...

Wow, that is crazy! I'm so glad that Lance came to your rescue too. When I told Paul what had happened he looked worried and then said that ectopic pregnancies are really dangerous. I'm glad you are okay and I hope your recovery goes smoothly :)

Nikki said...

WOW I am so glad you are ok! Etopic pregnancies are so dangerous and painful. I am so sorry you had to go threw that. So glad you are ok!

Traci said...

Wow, That is scary! So glad Your husband was able to help you and get you taken care of! What a blessing you are ok! Hope you get feeling well soon!

Laurie said...

WOW!...I totally can't believe that! So scary...And yes, I totally cried reading this! So so glad you are ok and that your hubby was able to take such good care of you!!

Anne said...

Huh. I just read your lines. Thank you so much for sharing, I guess it helped you to write it down, but really, thanks for sharing, Nemiha. I am so glad Lance woke up and looked after you. Him asking you question, to stay with him... I hope from the deepest you will recover soon.
Hug, Anne.

Liz @ Arty McGoo said...

I had no idea you went through all this! That is beyond scary and I'm so glad to hear you are doing better. If I had known I would have made you more cookies :D Sending you lots and lots of hugs! xoxo

Lisa Marie said...

Holy moley! I hate when I get behind on my blog reading and miss the BIG events like this one. Thank goodness everything worked out alright. Very scary! How nice that the hubs has EMT training. I read through the other posts too, take it easy! Milk your near death experience for all it's worth. You should have taken more time off of work. Love you. Hope you get back to normal again soon. Love the bling shoes BTW. :)