Friday, February 3, 2012

Random Inspiration and a challenge

Have you ever read something that just stuck with you? No I'm not talking about the whole Edward/Bella I can't wait for the next book or movie kind of stuck with you. More like the HUH that's and interesting point kind of stuck with you.

Now that we have the stuck with you explanation out of the way. (oh and for the record I am a Twilight fan just not a crazy one) I read a question some where that had to do with applying your self. it was simply put as "Why take on an endeavor if you are not committed to doing your best?"  I am am guilty of this many times over. Most the time I figure half way is ok since no one else will notice. Sad thing is I notice and whats even sadder is the fact that because of my thinking this way I am not the best at ANYTHING. Don't get me wrong I am good at a lot of things inwhich most of them I can do better in.
So for the month of February I have decided to challenge myself to a be the best contest. I'm not going to try and tackle the world but I will choose one thing that I know I can improve on and start from there. To bad for MLH (Mister lovely husband) I'm not going to choose folding laundry... maybe next month.

Once I have decided on the certain item to increase my skill I will try really hard to post updates and possibly even photos.. don't get to excited though cuz it might not happen.


Lisa Marie said...

DO get excited? or DON'T? I'm confused. :)

The Studes said...

i fixed it... can't really be that perfect in typing when I was at work at it was 4 in the morning ;)