Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cat Eyes and Strawberries

It has been since before Christmas that I attempted to draft any clothing patterns. Everything I want to make for Bug is in a nice little notebook. Ok that was a big fat lie, everything I want to make for Bug is actually on a gillion pieces of paper strewn about my entire house. Once I get an idea I pretty much just grab anything and jot it down. I have a mountain of fabric and absolutely NO motivation. I tried to make a deadline for myself a few months back and as I was in the Hospital recovering MLH looks at the calendar on his phone and asks "so did you get that jacket pattern drafted it's due today" Very funny, MLH... Very funny.

2 or 3 weeks ago I just decided that I needed to get it done. I love making Bug clothes and it's really fun to see how she reacts when I put them on her. MLH and I were shopping this past Saturday and Bug was wearing a dress I had made her last year. (it was too big for her but I was having issues cutting the fabric down to size. not technical ones, emotional ones. I get attached to fabric way to easy,) It only has one shoulder and MLH kept mentioning people Looking at Bug and commenting on her outfit. Ok totally ego booster for me, but it was nice to hear. For the next few days I bucketed down and just got the dang thing, luckily I drafted the pattern a few weeks back at work, then had to adjust it. Fun fun . Finally it was done, only had to seam rip once and if I would have gone with my first thought I would not have had to seam rip any of it... stupid me.

I think I need to take a photo of the entire thing, the bottom of the shirt is finished off with the strawberry fabric that is the same as the sleeves. I have one more of these shirts in a 4t if anyone is interested in it. nothing too special just jersey knit.  And if you are wondering about the CatEyes thats what the glasses are called. it was one of those moments at 4 in the morning when I thought, how cute would it be to get Bug a pair of retro glasses. went to the computer. 4 bucks and 2 days later I got these babies. love them!


One Fish said...

Love you and your attachment to food themed fabrics.

love birds and a few chicklets said...

This is so stinkin cute! I'll take the extra one... then they can be twinners!!