Thursday, March 29, 2012


Today has been a bit of a blur. Got home from work around 7:15 and yes that would be AM, I started my oh so lovely new workout regime. Felt as if I was going to pass out so I layed onthe couch and the next thing I know a have a tiny monster wiggling in mext to me demanding I get her cereal. Well I guess demanding is a bit harsh more like " I am so really hungry right now, I need cereal and a shirt," Tell you what bug you go get a shirt and I will get you that cereal. Day progressed,blah blah blah haven't really been upstairs today to really check things out. So after dinner I head up to see what sort of cleaning I can do before I have to go to work tonight and I see this.

Silly girl

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Keith and Shasta said...

She is an angel. Cute her!