Friday, March 9, 2012

Little things

It amazes me how weak and out of shape I have gotten just from this years health issues. I really miss running. It was one of my stress relievers and now I'm just in a holding pattern until I get the ok to go run again. Weird thing is I can tell the difference. I know I will need to start from square one since today I walked up the stairs and had a hard time catching my breathe. I have really enjoyed slowing down, it has made me face my impatience head on. I'm sure Bugs has noticed the difference. We do ten times the projects then we used to whether it be baking, artwork, puzzles and even dress up. I have noticed it has helped out with her night terrors. she hasn't been getting them as often and I'm going to make a strong guess as to her route being solid so it helps. A few things I miss since this whole thing has started is taking photos. I'm not talking about full on lets have a tiny photo shoot in my  living kind of photos but the random ones of Bugs smiling or dancing, simple day to day things that make me laugh, even her playing with friends. I mean she had a birthday lunch with family last Saturday and I didn't take one picture. what makes it even sadder is the fact that I didn't even THINK to take pictures. I wonder if my camera has dust on it... I know the other one is missing it's battery for some reason, that is the same one that got lost for months and months and then finally found when Lance and I started painting our bedroom, and I say started because I didn't think we would need more hen one gallon of paint because I wasn't planning on painting all the walls the same color and then I started having all these health issues.
Speaking of health issues Last week I went to the hospital to get a CT scan because I was still in a TON of pain. I wouldn't even know how to explain it to justify how intense it was and still kinda is. I remember one evening sitting twisted on the sofa with a massage mat on my back informing MLH that I would rather go through another Hip Replacement then feel this amount of pain again. Oh the stupid things we say when in pain. Turns out that ( and this is a little gross) During this whole ordeal I had lost just over 1.5 liters of blood. During surgery they need to suction that out and obviously they aren't going to be able to get every single little drop of blood so this wonderfully awesome pain it what the doctor described as my blood going through an "internal gutter" and is trying to re-absorb back into its proper place. Well that's that, due to all the pain meds I have been getting Every time I go to pick up pain pills or something else I feel like the pharmacist is judging me. I just want to look at them and say I'm not a drug addict I promise. I really would like to try and get some photos of Bug since she did turn 4 Last Monday I'm hoping the weather will be nice and that she will want to do it.


Erin and Paul Anderson said...

I'm sorry this whole ordeal has been difficult. I like that you are looking at the bright side and seeing all the time you get to spend with Avi. Hang in there. Hope you recover fully soon :)

Braine @ Talk Supe said...

Awes i hope you feel better. But take it easy, your health is more important. I love to run too not really to lose weight but it's my way to.spend that nervous energy and keep my endorphins flowing. Belated happy birthday to bug.