Thursday, March 1, 2012

A cookie for me and a cookie for you.

It's almost time for Bug to turn 4, how that happen I really don't know. To make it special I had a long time friend who handpaints cookies whip up a dozen of them for us. These are no ordinary cookies these are tiny masterpieces that you feel bad about eating.

I can tell you are wondering "Who is this Cookie Caper?" it's Liz from ArtyMcgoo

here is a taste of what she did for Bug's Birthday and if you want to see the rest and up close swing by her blog and you know you might aswell follow her blog along with like her facebook page because once you see one cookie it's never enough you will be hooked. ( and that was a Peter Pan pun that I didn't mean to do but totally love it so it's staying)

1 comment:

One Fish said...

So sad we didn't get to see them in person! They are just beautiful.