Friday, March 30, 2012

Oh the things she says:

Today Bug was a roll when it can to random sentences. Well I'm sure she had them well thought out to me they were random and hilarious.

B: My favorite color is princess, so what's my favorite color mommy?
A: I thought it was Pink
B: (tapping her foot) no it's Princess

She had some other ones that I really wish I would have written down, I have been trying to carry a notebook where ever I go just in case I get a thought or she says funny things but I forgot it today.. ugh

this one was when we were pulling through the drive thru at wendys
Wendy's Employee: It's that everything
my reply not so important since Bug us talking over me
Bug: What about my Ice Cream
Wendy's Employee: Oh and here you go, Have a lovely day
Bug: WHAT! did that guy just say he loved me!

On our way home this song came on which I haven't heard in a while  The balck horse and the cherry tree by KT Tunstall I asked Bug if she liked it, she said The man sings good. I let her know that this was a girl singing and she thought about replied, "I don't like this song, she sounds like a man"

Tonight when she was heading upstairs to brush her teeth she stood in the hallway until one of us looked at her Hands on hips then started tapping her foot impatiently followed by "I'm waiting"

One more thing comes to mind, the past few weekends I have been sleeping on the floor in her room, mostly due to the fact that MLH snores so loudly that I can't possibly sleep. with that being said she asked me the other night to come sleep in her room and when I started snuggling her so says "no no you sleep on the floor"

I will never stop saying.. Silly Girl because she really is one.

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The Coopers said...

LOVE THESE!!!!!!! It is a major bummer that we don't live close :( glad we at least have blogs.