Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What happen to my craftiness.

I was going through deleting photos from when I was a photographer tonight. I think I may have deleted approx 100, 000 of them or so. to say the least it actually freed up my external hard drive quite a bit. While cleaning out said hard drive I came across a few photos I had taken last year or so of some shoes I made. Which actually made me sad because I was wondering where my motivation for my craftiness had gone. granted I could say the same thing about blogging but I know where that went. :)

Not sure if I ended making a blog post about these before and it would take WAY  to much effort to go and look . I thought they turned out pretty darn cute and I also love that I made a little sack to deliver them in. Wow I am full of myself tonight. EH oh well Someones gotta be proud of me right.

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melissa said...

Those are sooo so so so cute!!! I had so many plans of cute things to make while Hailey was still a baby. And now she's not so much a baby anymore. I'll have to get on the ball and start making her dresses and skirts and stuff before she gets too cool to wear things her mom sewed!!! I'm glad you still blog. I've given up for now. But don't worry, I'll be back someday. :) Take care!
-Melissa Spurlock