Friday, June 21, 2013

The Peplum Top

I have a very skinny child! I mean she is 5 and can still wear 3t shorts comfortably and I am pretty sure she can squeeze her butt into 24mth shorts as well. Like I said... SKINNY!

So with that being said I have been trying to get this specific dress pattern to fit her and I was on try three, I mean the dresses turned out cute and I hope one day she will be able to have wide enough shoulders to fill them but hey I want her to be able to wear the thing now. So I adapted it fabric bar here and there pull in seam here.. you know the drill. As I was staring at this pattern I created it hit me. I have adjusted this pattern so much I may as well take it to a different level.  So I decided to make a peplum top for Bug. At first she wasn't very excited because she doesn't like yellow.  but after I got it on her she was saying "mommy we need to keep this we can't sell it" OK child we will keep it. ;)


One Fish said...

I adore it.

The Coopers said...

LOVE that shirt! you are so talented! Seriously darling!