Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pan 5 months

Summer makes me not want to blog.. at all. well I guess since last year I really haven't kept up on this much.  Pan turned 5 months on the 10th, he has certainly found his voice and likes to show it off. will Laugh a lot easier now, which I love because it happens so rarely. Pan sits up so well, is such a relaxed little guy as long and he can see someone he is content to just hang out. He has tried out a few new foods to test to see if he likes them. So far Carrots and Avocados were a hit while bananas and peas were a giant miss. I am sure he will change his mind later on since he is still pretty young.

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Christina said...

It blows my mind that L will be doing that in a month! Wow! So happy for you that he's such an easy going guy. :)