Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pan -8 Months

Not too much has changed from last month. Bug is the only person who can make him laugh really hard.  he babbles way more but decided to stop saying mamama and switched to dadada and when I try to get him to say mamama again she simply raspberries his tough at me.. rude. :) Kid is growing like a weed is almost 19 lbs and has his next dr visit in a few weeks. He hasn't started crawling yet but has started getting up on his knees occasionally so I'm sure it will be any day. 

 this is his thinking face

Well Like to model after bath time. 

 Loves real food!

We had a little sickness going around our house the last few weeks, so he snuggles with MLH

It started getting cooler here on some days so here is Pan modeling some cute pants I made from an old t-shirt. 

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