Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pan 8.5 months

So he isn't quite 9 months yet however we did go and get his 9 months appointment done due to MLH switching jobs starting October first and us being without insurance for the time being.

Mr squishy is a whopping 19.5 lbs and is 29 in long/tall. He has 4 birthmarks two on his knee one on his right arm and one small one on his little bum. This was something the doctor was worried about and had me watch to see if anymore "birthmarks" showed up. She was worried that he might have neurofibromatosis,  luckily there isn't a history of neurological issues with either side of our families and she said we should watch to see if anymore do if fact show up but she isn't worried.

A new development is that Mr. Squishy has a mild allergic reaction to eggs so Once we have insurance back I will be taking him to an allergist to figure out that. I am hoping that it's one of those allergies that with time he is able to grow out of.

Lets see, Milestones for this kid... hmmm well he has no teeth, doesn't show any sign of getting any anytime soon. doesn't crawl although he is getting really close and gets up on his hands and knees quite well. Loves Bugs and misses her when she is at school gets excited when she comes home, I mean waving arms and giggles the whole 9 yards when he sees her. I am trying to transition him into his own bed for most of the night but I am so darn lazy and can't resist the snuggles that I end up bringing him into our room when he wakes in the middle of the night. He says both mama and dada along with dodo which I'm trying to turn into donut. Bugs keeps working on his to say sis and she doesn't understand why he can't .  Well that's pretty much it

picture time:
Pretty sure this kid will be left handed

he didn't like the way the alligator was looking at him.

dr appt. 

furby kisses, he can play with this thing for hours, it's so funny to watch

I'm pretty sure that is a Bug bum in the left. lol

the yogurt was all gone and i don't think he believed me because he kept looking around me at it. 

we start them young

he thought MLH belt was so funny. 

Best toy ever!

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