Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday.

The last few years I usually go black Friday shopping at midnight. This year however I was thankful that hey allowed sales online so i didn't have to put my pants back to to go out in public. Pants are seriously over rated. I think I just might need to shop on line more often considering I got just as good or better deals, i didn't have to elbow an 80 yr old granny in the eye to get the last of something and I didn't have a panic attack for being around so many people at once. (side note, I wouldn't elbow anyone I don't know. just in case you were wondering.)

As a family we all ended up sleeping in, eating lunch at our favorite place and then headed to JCP to possible find something that was a good enough deal to buy. I don't normally like to shop with MLH but today he was super helpful.. the words " why don't I wait in line for you while you shop and that way we don't have to wait very long." actually came out of his mouth. which followed with me saying, " ok, why don't you take the kids as well so i can cover more ground."

after "splurging" on a pair of shoes for Pan and a scarf for Bug we headed to the park for me to take photos of a family that I love so very much. MLH and I have known them for years. he met them when he was on his mission and i got introduced and took there wedding photos over 10- years ago. it was nice to reconnect and see how big the entire family has gotten.

all in all it was a good day, kids got to play. jump in leaves, sing at the top of their lungs in the car and hopefully  go bed early tonight.     *fingers crossed*

and now time for pictures:

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