Friday, November 29, 2013

Pan's First Thanksgiving

I am sooo sorry Pan you are seriously the second child and I have lost my love for carrying my camera everywhere to document. I mean why would I when I have a phone.. lol I think I need a new small camera.

With that being said Pan ate is first Thanksgiving dinner and he loved it. He loves food so much that almost everything goes in his mouth and I hardly ever have to clean the floor after he has eaten.

Bugs was such a big help yesterday, while I finished pies and cleaned the kitchen she fed Pan, now if I could only get her to change diapers :)  She really is a great big sister and a wonderful helper. 

Home after visiting and eating at MLH parents house. The food was great along with the company. I am glad I got at least one photo.  these were the only photos I took yesterday. total mom fail. 

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