Friday, November 22, 2013

Pan 10 months

Pam turned 10 months while we took a short holiday to California to see my parents. By we I mean myself and the kids. Poor MLH had to stay behind. :(
 that will be another post.  for now here are the many faces of Pan. or Mr Squishy as Lady K likes to call him .

 how can you not love a baby in overalls

Milestones for this wee one are crawling really super fast. clapping, pulling himself up on things and walking around said thing. he eats a lot of different foods, I personally like the Plum brand, Peter Rabbit and also the Ella's Kitchen. they seem to have the best flavors and get veggies mixed in. I love that they are organic as well. Poor little guy still doesn't have any teeth although he drools bites and slobers so freaking much.  We wont be going back to the Dr until he is a year so he is approx this big. :)

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