Thursday, December 4, 2008

I have to Laugh

As I'm sitting at my computer "working" and also listening to an upset children screaming at me because she is tired but refuses to sleep. I got about a minute when I hear a little hand pounding on the wall that seperates us. *bang bang* babbling *bang bang* I translated it as "Hey MOM I know you are in there so you might as well come and get me"
So needless to say I got absolutally NO work done last night and about the same amount of sleep. All I can do is smile and remind myself I choose this... and she is totally worth it!


Johnsons Away said...

Don't you just love kids, they really do have their own attitude :)

One Fish said...

It's so funny when you totally think you are fooling them and they find that special way of letting you know the jig is up!

Greg & Dawn said...

don't you neglect that child!!

thegrandmaw tehe