Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Slowly Dying

My name is Nemiha and I am a sodaholic.
*Hello Nemiha*

I was informed today that I was slowly killing myself by drinking soda and that I might as well be addicted to drugs and get dying over more quickly.
My thoughts were.. Drugs don't taste nearly as good as soda, and it also doesn't last as long as soda does during the day. I get a soda at lunch and it will last me until about 3. How quick do those drugs last.. seriously. Soda it WAY better.

Lance has JUST came into some information.
The number 1 killer in the USA is SODA it beat out both smoking AND drunk driving. we must put a stop to it now!
JOIN MAAP - Mad Americans Against Pop
*our slogan, "friends don't let friends buy pop"

If you feel so inclined we take donations, we will buy the worlds stock of pop. and "throw it out"


wonder woman said...

This wouldn't by chance have anything to do with a recent Ensign article, would it? Just read that today.

Um, good luck giving it up....

The Studes said...

No I haven't even read the Ensign yet. The owner of the company I work for sat me down and gave me a 30 min lecture about how soda grows cancerous tumors. I was venting in a comical way.

I'm not a 'health nut" more so a moderation mut.. lol

I'll have to look at that article.

milpod said...

I'm sorry about your addiction, but don't worry...I'll come to your funeral...I like you :D

Johnsons Away said...

Good luck with the donations, let me in on that one :) Is there anything in this world that doesn't give you cancer eventually?

wonder woman said...

No, Nikki wasn't able to come. She's out by chicago and like 9 mos. pregnant! She's due right after Christmas to have a little boy they'll name Thaddeus. It would've been just too perfect to have them there.