Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ain't MUFFIN to it..

I'm cold, and when I get cold I tend to bake so I have an excuse to turn the oven on. I love having so many goodies in my house and I also hate having all the goodies in my house. These goodies just so happen went to my Sister in Laws Baby shower, so I only had to keep a few =)

These ones are called Banana Crunch Muffins and they were pretty tasty I'm Lucky that my mom has about a Zillion Cook books and also a scanner so she can send me recipes every time I think of something random to bake.

 I also have a cute rag-a-muffin, she was getting jealous that I was taking pics of the muffins and not her.

So if you want to try them out on your own here ya go:

I'm even lazy enough not to retype the recipe and just copy what my mother sent me in the email. Hey it's easier that way what can I say. I also didn't mean to rhyme right there.

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