Thursday, March 17, 2011

the hunt is on...

So a week or so ago I was visiting with Fish and we got on the topic of Mascaras, it's not a crazy topic I actually think Her mom was the one that mentioned it. We started naming off a few ones that we liked and other that we weren't to fond of. It got me thinking. Is there really a perfect mascara out there? (I've got alot of thinking time on my hands so gimme a break)  

Currently I am using one from Wet and Wild, because I thought I would try something new. the color of it is one of my favorite but other then that it is complete crap. If you press to hard it looks as if you put on eyeliner wrong and with in an hour of it drying if you walk into the wind it will blow away or make weird dust smudges under your eyes... no thank you

Mascara in question:

 photo courtesy of the Wet n Wild Website

Well I guess in a few weeks I will go head and get a new type of mascara If any of you have a mascara that you absolutely LOVE I'm all ears. Ihe one I loved about a year ago got kicked out of the market... jerks. just when I start yo love something they take it away or "improve it" which really means messing with the formula... remember "NEW COKE?" OK I don't even remember new coke. it was just an example.

So that's it I am on a mission to find the perfect Mascara, who knows how long that will take.


love birds and a few chicklets said...

I have actually been meaning to do a blog post on this very thing because I have found the perfect mascara/combo! I get asked all the time what I use, so I think people must like what they see. {given the exception that lately my eyelashes are suffering due to growing babies in my belly :)} Anyway... its the Loreal Voluminous tube that is more yellow than gold, but the trick is you need the wand from the gold tube. I know I know. What I do is I wash the wand when I am getting ready for the new tube of mascara. I have actually considered emailing Loreal and telling them that they should just make it this way. AND for some reason this tube {the more yellow one} is the only one that wont drag eyelashes down. I know you have good curled eyelashes, but I dont and I always felt like I had to keep curling them to get that great look WELL not anymore ladies and gentlemen. This discovery has prevented me from over curling... all I do is once in the morning before application. :) Hows that for the perfect mascara!!!

Cheryl said...

You probably don't want to hear this, but I absolutely LOVE Mary Kay's timeless mascara!! (I don't sell it, don't worry) I have never had any problems with it, except when it gets old it doesn't work the same, but isn't true of ANY mascara? I think after tax its like $19ish, so its kind of expensive, but I swear by it!!

My Mary Kay lady lives in Kaysville, but she ships everything for free. If you are interested let me know. If not I completely understand and I hope you find what you are looking for!!

Liz @ Arty McGoo said...

I once bought a $30 Dior mascara because I was curious to see if it was worth it. I was surprised that it almost was! (My dentist commented on my eyelashes when I wore it.) BUT, it was supposed to be waterproof and it was NOT! I'm not spending $30 to have raccoon smudges under my eyes!

Right now I'm really liking the Stiletto mascara. I forget the brand, but it's a red tube and it makes my lashes look very long. Yay for saving $22!