Monday, August 8, 2011

Part Duex - Meatless in 30 days

So this is how it works.

I wanted to start getting back to eating healthy and I one way I thought of was to go vegetarian so I am almost forced to eat veggies. Instead and of just jumping in full force I have been taking it slow and just cutting out specific meats each week so I ease myself into it.

Things I'm cutting out
Aug 1-7 red meats
Aug 8-14 poultry
Aug 15-21 pork

I've tweaked the Pescatarian type of vegetarian to be a little more conducive to what I have in my pantry and also what my family will eat. Pescatarian vegetarians are ones that don't eat meat with the exception of fish. The one things that I have tweaked is that I will still be using chicken broth as base for soups and flavoring for making my rice etc...

The first week when I was actually paying attention to what I was eating I noticed that I consumed a lot more red meat then I thought. (curse you taco bell) and that was one of my slip ups. I went to taco bell and got a burrito and didn't realize until I went to eat it that it had meat..  UGH! I ate it because the thought of waisting money won over.  This week I'm on to no poultry along with no red meat.

So if you have any good veggie recipes you can pass along that doesn't have tofu in it.. I'm all for it!

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Cheryl said...

We like burritos that we make ourselves. We use rice, pinto beans, and/or black beans, cheese, sour cream.